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Communities come together to wrap supports around vulnerable families.

ISA Partners

Local service providers and Everett Public Schools came together in January 2018 to address a significant community need: the growing number of children and youth experiencing homelessness who have difficulty attending school regularly.

It is not uncommon for this group of students to miss 88 school days or more per school year. Additionally, they are often highly mobile and move several times during a single school year. With each move, a student is at-risk for losing 4-6 months of learning. System-wide solutions are required to ensure that students with these experiences are afforded the same opportunities and outcomes as their housed peers.

Through funding from Snohomish County, EverTrust, Refugee & Immigrant Services NW, Interfaith Family Shelter, Housing Hope, Providence Institute for a Healthier Community, and Everett Public Schools, the Improving School Attendance Collaborative (ISA), is seeking to do just that.

ISA is working differently as a collaborative group to create system-wide improvements by holding a common agenda, shared staff, shared data and data-driven decision making, and by elevating the voice of people who have lived through the experience of raising children while experiencing homelessness.

Changing Housing and Education Systems creates transformational change in the lives of families.

We are excited to be in our 5th year of partnership with Everett Public Schools and have our sights on expanding to more school districts within Snohomish County.

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ISA Partners

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Contact our Collaborative Coordinator:

Monica Wilson, Ed.S., NCSP

Director of Human Services
Housing Hope

Office: 425-347-6556 x202

ISA has shared staff that helps keep partners at our table.

ISA Partners with
Shared Staff

Caregiver Voice Committee

(ISA Caregivers/Parents)

Housing Hope

(Collaborative Coordinator & Program Manager)

Interfaith Family Shelter

(Child Family Specialists)

Refugee & Immigrant Services NW

(Child Family Specialist)


(Child Family Specialist)


(Parents as Teachers Parent Educator)

Mental Health Therapists

(Lucinda Rowley Counseling)

Community Volunteers & Activists

"Engagement with the wider community and the school systems to address the special unique needs of students experiencing homelessness is invaluable."

-Interfaith Family Shelter,
an ISA partner

Former Funding Partners: United Way of Snohomish County & Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)